5 tips for effectively working from home

For some people, work from home is very difficult because of too many obstacles.
Here, we want to share several tips that may be useful for you. #workfromhome #eakongroup #MEPContractor

1. Wake up early.

Even though you do not need to spend an hour travelling to the office, you should still wake up as you normally would. Changing your waking hour every day can significantly disrupt your sleeping patterns and impact your health.
- Wake up early in the morning
- Choose a proper wide spot so that it’s not congested
- Exercise for 15 minutes
- Repeat the same routine on the next day and increase the time duration

2. Have a light breakfast.
You’ve got to have a wholesome breakfast to start the day right. After breakfast, give yourself some time to relax and regroup before you start work. Meditate, do yoga, or just spend an hour planning your day. Whatever it is, this is the time to get into a productive frame of mind.

3. Set up a home office.
It is important to find a dedicated spot to work to ensure productivity. This could mean a room in your house that is away from the television and bed. You can also decorate your desk with office supplies and motivational quotes to help you remain focused. Just make sure that your desk is near a power supply so that your laptop and phone can remain fully charged throughout the day.

4. Stay connected with your colleagues
Working at home can feel lonely and isolated. To avoid feeling disconnected and bored, schedule coffee meetings and lunch dates and regularly meet with clients outside of your home. Even heading to a coffee shop can prevent you from feeling disconnected from the working world.

5. Keep all distractions away
Being efficient while working from home is all about boundaries. This also means setting boundaries for kids, pets, family members, or roommates. Try to encourage them to leave you alone while you are working so you can stay focused. Try to keep the boundaries friendly and playful, but make sure you stick to them. One fun idea is to make a sign for the door of your office that indicates whether you’re working or not. You can even have your children help you make the sign so they feel they’re not being left out.

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